The implementation of a data and artificial intelligence (AI) solution in a department of education paves the way for a revolution in the educational system.

This innovative approach combines advanced big data analytics and AI algorithms to transform the way education is managed and delivered, resulting in a more efficient and personalized learning experience.

With the use of AI, it is possible to analyze large sets of educational data, including student performance, learning patterns, and teacher feedback. This allows for the identification of gaps in the educational process, helping to create more effective educational strategies and policies.

Data analysis also facilitates the identification of students who may be facing difficulties, allowing for early and personalized interventions to improve their performance.

The data and AI solution can optimize resource allocation, from class planning and schedules to the distribution of teaching materials, ensuring that resources are used as efficiently as possible.


data lake

  • Creation of a low-cost centralized data storage system (Data Warehouse feature) integrating the databases of interest to the organization and unstructured data to support management processes and employee performance.

AI for Education Management

  • Longitudinal view (school life) of student performance
  • Planning and optimization of enrollment allocation
  • Cross-referencing data from student performance assessment surveys and education statistics
  • Automatic notification to guardians (attendance and performance)
  • Resource management for special education
  • Statistics and analysis on education microdata

and Control

  • Contract Analysis and Accountability
    Asset Management (property and equipment)
    Payment verification
    Application of OCR techniques, natural language processing, and image recognition for automated verification of document authenticity
    Performance bonus calculation
    Management of employee transfers and assignments
    Analytical cockpit for financial and budgetary execution management
    Automation of mandatory reports (FNDE and constitutional minimums)
    Management of decentralized budgets
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