The implementation of a data and artificial intelligence (AI) solution in a health department or ministry is a vital transformation to enhance the effectiveness of public healthcare services.

This innovative approach utilizes big data analytics and AI algorithms to optimize healthcare management, from policy planning to the provision of direct patient care.

By leveraging AI, it becomes possible to analyze large volumes of health data, including electronic health records, test results, and epidemiological data.

This allows for the identification of disease trends, assessment of treatment effectiveness and health policies, and more accurate prediction of disease outbreaks. Consequently, decision-makers can allocate resources more efficiently and formulate evidence-based public health strategies.



  • Health data integration
  • Qualification of attendance, patient, and acquisition data
  • Integration with external sources for legal demands
  • Performance indicators (attendance, queues, physician productivity, etc.)

Going to

  • Receiving, registering, and distributing notifications from different entities automated by Artificial Intelligence
  • Alerts and monitoring of legal deadlines
  • Recovery of credits and judicial deposits
  • Fraud alerts
  • Integration with financial data
  • Meeting the demands of the Public Ministry and State Attorneys General with precise and timely information

Analysis of
and Purchases

  • Pharmaceutical and input planning
  • Optimal allocation of professionals, resources, and inputs by AI
  • Analysis of frauds and acquisitions with deviations
  • Price database (data cross-referencing)
  • Audit of benefits from popular pharmacy programs
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