Process Optimization:

Drive Efficiency and Elevate Performance with our solutions through Excellence in Artificial Intelligence

Agility and efficiency in business decision-making, reducing financial and operational costs; increased effectiveness in revenue capture; gain in company productivity; improvement in customer and supplier relationships.

Advantages of Vert Analytics

Use of Artificial Intelligence to identify, instant and massive response to the main business offenders.

Integrated strategic management of alerts for support and decision making.

Reduction in collection time, feasibility and consolidation of KPI performance indicators.

360º view of customer, supplier and product information

Accurate forecasting ability for customers subject to collections or litigation

Process Automation

Power Your Business with Precision and Speed

One of the most significant innovations in the field of modern technology.

These agents, equipped with advanced AI algorithms, are capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks independently, bringing efficiency, precision and innovation to various sectors.

These autonomous agents are programmed to continually learn and adapt through machine learning and natural language processing techniques.


A solution capable of capturing, storing, processing and analyzing any type of data, such as texts, logs, documents, images, videos, audios and data from social networks, with content interpretation, registration, distribution and flow management in the process chain. Make automatic actions or suggest decisions, present the most important information for decision-making processes and formulate responses or opinions.

Search and visualize the organization’s unstructured and structured data, in all Data Lakes, with support tools to materialize the information in a visual and assisted way, directly to the target areas.

Low cost in creating thematic Data Lakes, with storage and processing based on distributed computing technology.

Fraud Detection and Prevention:

Protection for your success with our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and data analysis

Management, transparency and control. Continuous monitoring with high-precision investigative analysis to prevent losses arising from fraud, abuse or failures, with a comprehensive and unified view of transactions in real time. With visibility of the entire chain involved in the fraud and abuse process, in an organized way and in a single place.

Fraud detection strategies, combining business rules and predictive analysis methods with real-time simulations.

100% verification of monetary or non-monetary transactions, without impacting the business. Improvement and automation of identification and investigation processes.

Analysis and crossing of information and evidence of all types, including documents, media, social network data, operational and financial transactions.

Complete management of fraud investigation processes, with the capture and correlation of all evidence in each case investigated

Advantages of Vert Analytics

Advantages of Vert Analytics

Instant response to threats in 100% of transactions and reduction of false positives, using artificial intelligence technology, tested in the largest banks in the world.

Adaptive models make it possible to identify new fraudulent behaviors and methods to circumvent the rules.

Environment for managing alerts, payment decisions and risk decisions, generating hot lists and blocking.

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