The data and artificial intelligence (AI) solution for the public security sector represents a significant advancement in how security agencies tackle modern challenges.

This innovative approach combines big data analytics with AI algorithms to transform vast amounts of raw data into valuable insights, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.

Using advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies, the solution enables rapid analysis of data from various sources such as police reports, financial and phone records, social media feeds, public records, and surveillance cameras.

This facilitates the identification of hidden patterns, criminal trends, and networks of suspicious activities, enabling authorities to act proactively to prevent crimes.



  • External data capture from the national security system
  • Data capture from social media networks
  • Integration of data from SIMBA BACEN, MJ, external bureaus, courts, agencies

Crimes Money Laundering

  • Creation of investigative environment against financial crimes and money laundering
  • Networks of relationships and complex connections
  • Analysis of COAF communications
  • 360-degree view of the target under investigation
  • Networks of relationships and complex connections
  • Social media monitoring
  • Smart Perimeter
  • Facial Biometrics and Real-time Analysis
  • Cybercrimes, threats, and prevention of crimes against vulnerable groups


  • Asset management under custody
  • Asset analysis and recovery
  • Integration with court data for monitoring investigations
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