The adoption of a data and artificial intelligence (AI) solution by a finance department represents a significant evolution in fiscal and financial administration.

This modern approach, which combines advanced big data analytics with AI algorithms, has the potential to transform revenue management, tax collection efficiency, and the allocation of public resources.

With the use of AI, it is possible to analyze vast sets of financial and transactional data to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies. This assists in revenue forecasting and the identification of potential tax fraud and evasion.

Our sophisticated algorithms can sift through tax returns, business transactions on invoices, and financial records to detect inconsistencies or suspicious activities, increasing tax collection efficiency and reducing losses. This enables tax authorities to improve administrative dispute management with taxpayers by increasing spontaneous collection volume.

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Fiscal and Tax

  • 360-degree view of the taxpayer (risk, probability of default, base segmentation).
  • Tax simulations (impact of tax changes on revenue).
  • Revenue projection by sophisticated econometric models and Machine Learning.
  • Fiscal audit and detection of structured fraud.
  • Monitoring of tax exemptions.
  • Complex relationship networks.
  • Intelligent collection strategy.
  • Analysis of administrative litigation (survival, outcome probabilities, and automated classifications).
  • Artificial Intelligence models applied to the detection of tax and fiscal fraud.
  • Cargo monitoring: real-time alerts to fiscal posts by data cross-referencing with manifests, signs of fraud, incompatible route with manifest, among other scenarios.


  • High-performance infrastructure for taxpayer and invoice data
  • Real-time integration with invoice issuance systems (self-regularization of taxpayers)
  • Ingestion of XMLs of invoices with automated audit trails
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